About us


The W.D. Rose Funerals group of funeral homes includes Giannarelli Funerals. We  proudly serve the families and communities of Brighton, Brunswick, Cheltenham and surrounding suburbs in Victoria.

We understand that a funeral service is a personal and emotional journey. We will help you arrange a dignified and respectful funeral service that truly reflects the life of your loved one. Our staff are professional, well-qualified with years of experience within the funeral industry serving all faiths and communities. We are dedicated to offering the best level of personal care and attention.

We also offer you the opportunity to prepay your funeral, enabling you to lock in your funeral at today’s prices with no future payments once paid in full.  A prepaid funeral with one of our funeral homes secures your wishes and will give your family peace of mind.

We comply with all State and Federal requirements that have been set up for your protection, and we will be completely honest with you about all our fees. We promise to always advise you of the best choices to suit your needs and budget. We encourage you to discuss any ideas you may have with one of our trusted funeral directors today, so the funeral is a meaningful and memorable experience for you, your family and friends.

Let us help you during your time of need, whether it’s now, or later.

We’ll know what to do.

Our staff

Staff at all our funeral homes continue our proud tradition of providing exceptional care and attention to detail.


Are you interested in working with us?

If you have been thinking about a career in the funeral industry, together with the W.D. Rose Funerals group, you can send an open application via the Careers page.


Requirements for funeral directors change from time to time to meet fundamental and legitimate occupational health and safety, public health, consumer protection, legal and community standards.

W.D. Rose Funerals comply with all legislation and regulations applicable in Victoria. As leaders in the provision of funeral services, W.D. Rose Funerals continually invests in the training of our funeral directors so they remain fully aware of their compliance obligations and can meet them in order to give you the very best service.


Customer feedback

W.D. Rose Funerals is always looking to improve so that we can be the very best funeral directors we can. We take pride in providing the highest levels of service to the people of Victoria and we love to hear from satisfied families. We also understand that, at times, you may feel there are issues that have not been resolved to your complete satisfaction.

To ensure your views are heard, we have a feedback procedure: if you have any feedback or concerns with the level of service and care we have provided, you may convey them to us via the Compliment or Complaint links in the footer below, by telephone or in person at one of our funeral homes. Your complaint will be promptly acknowledged in writing and/or by telephone.

Once your feedback is received, you will be contacted by a manager who will respond to your feedback quickly and efficiently. We will seek to find a resolution you are completely happy with.

Proudly part of InvoCare. InvoCare is a leading provider of funeral services in Australia.